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HP Education Services is pleased to announce our newest offering—Video Instructor Self Paced eLearning. VISPEL is a unique training delivery format — combining the affordability and convenience of self-paced eLearning with the expertise of an instructor to closely simulate the classroom experience.

What makes VISPEL unique from other self-paced training options?

VISPEL embeds video of the instructor delivering the course content into the slide presentation. The instructor, a subject matter expert, does much more than just hit the bullet points. He elaborates, adds content and provides a much richer eLearning experience. It’s as close to being in a ‘live’ classroom as one can get.


  • Flexibility. Students take training at their own pace. Flexible licensing options offer access for up to one year — plus, there are options to extend access.
  • Mobility. Training can be accessed from any tablet or smartphone device that meets the video configuration requirements and has a connection to the Internet.
  • Value. VISPEL provides an incredible amount of training content at a very affordable price. For example, the traditional classroom equivalent of the training in the HP Best Practice Library would cost around $45,000. VISPEL provides the same training content for less than $2,000.


  • Expert Instruction. Our certified instructors possess real world experience and a superior understanding of the subject matter in their fields. They have the ability to convey knowledge in an effective, engaging and professional manner to a wide audience.
  • PowerPoint Slides and Visuals. We use PowerPoint slides to illustrate concepts and complement the expert instruction. Slides include embedded video of the instructor, a subject matter expert. This approach provides students with a clear, efficient and complete presentation of concepts.
  • Immersive Demonstrations. Immersive demonstrations illustrate practical application of concepts in real-world environments.
  • Controls and Navigation. Easy to use controls and table of contents navigation allow students to jump quickly to any point in the course and fully control the pace of training. Our Learning Portal provides convenient access to all VISPEL resources — including a gateway to exam websites to simplify exam registration and payment.
  • Student Workbooks. VISPEL courses feature printable Student Workbooks for every chapter. Workbooks can also be used electronically to quickly review slides and training topics.
  • Review Quizzes. Once a topic is completed, our built-in review quiz allows students to assess progress and identify areas where additional study may be required.
  • viewitWatch the first 13 sections in chapter 1 of The Foundations Course.

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